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Manan Kendra

As the name suggests, this is an abode for contemplation which reverberates with spiritual vibrations through regular vedic chanting and national song.

The EDPs are also conducted in this small yet cozy room. On a regular basis the QMP is conducted in this room. With a seating capacity of around 25, the ambience of this room i

A Quality Mind for Quality Work

A quality mind is the essential bedrock of quality work. Are you ready to develop a quality mind? Then, this five-step Quality Mind Process must be integrated within your daily routine. Looking for advantages? Here they are:

  • Gradual strengthening of Will Power
  • Development of Penetrating Insight
  • Growth of instinctive Ethical Rectitude
  • Integrity in Decision –Making
  • Feeling of deep inner serenity and poise beneath surface turbulence
  • Development of Holistic Perspective
  • Greater courage and capacity for Introspection and self-correction
  • Flowering of Wholesome Creativity

This is a unique feature of this Centre and its advantages have been tested for the last thirty years by more than 2000 practitioners from various disciplines.

The QMP as it is otherwise known has been developed by Prof. S.K. Chakraborty during his IIMC days. It is a five-step discipline to control the mind. It involves the following steps:

  • Deep, mindful and slow alternate nostril Guna breathing
  • Normal mindful deep breathing
  • Thoughtlessness in the head (brain-stilling)
  • Opening up upwards above the head to the Cosmic Consciousness.
  • Bringing down of awareness from the top of the head into the cave of the heart and concentration.
  • According to some of the performers it is helpful during:

  • …moments of tension
  • …[taking]judicious decisions
  • Internalization of Human Values

Whats New
  • The RNTCHV has recently organized the 2nd Tagore Memorial Oration at Sitaram Sekseria Sabhaghar, Bharatiya Bhasa Parishad, Kolkata on May 13, 2016 where Swami Vireshanandaji Maharaj,Acharya,Brahmachar

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